@NASTAD launches a website to help PLWHA find health insurance that covers #PrEP

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The National Association for State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) has a launched a website, PrEPcost.org, to help those interested in PrEP navigate the health insurance marketplace. It was featured in the New England AIDS Education and Training Center's "In Brief" newsletter last week:
Although most health insurance plans in the U.S. now cover PrEP, out-of-pocket costs can be a barrier to use for many persons. To address this concern, NASTAD recently developed PrEPcost.org – an online tool to help people find the most affordable health insurance plans available through the individual marketplace for PrEP coverage. According to NASTAD, the PrEPcost tool assesses how the PrEP medication is covered in different plans, and applies income-based savings to monthly premiums for each plan. “It then calculates out-of-pocket expenses for the clinical visits, labs, and the medication, and it applies the manufacturer’s co-pay card to that estimate.”
Here is the YouTube video explainer:

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