More public data set highlights: Puerto Rico's disaster recovery

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Because I've had a gap in blogging over the last few months, I thought I would ease back into things by highlighting public health-related data sets going back through Data is Plural, one edition at a time.

The October 18 edition of Data is Plural featured a data set with different metrics related to Puerto Rico's disaster recovery efforts:
Puerto Rico’s recovery. Since shortly after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the territory’s government has been publishing a dashboard of recovery statistics. The website tracks a couple dozen metrics, including the percent of homes with electricity, number of people in shelters, and the number of open hospitals. For several of the main metrics, researcher Michael A. Johansson has been scraping daily figures from the dashboard and publishing them as a CSV file. Related: The Washington Post has been charting the recovery, and published a deep dive into the island’s ongoing power outages.

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