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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Because I've had a gap in blogging over the last few months, I thought I would ease back into things by highlighting public health-related data sets going back through Data is Plural, one edition at a time.

The August 23 edition of Data is Plural (there were no data sets directly related to health in any of the September editions) features geospatial data on Anopheles mosquitoes, which is the type that carries malaria:
A century of malarial mosquitoes. A team of researchers has compiled “the largest ever geo-coded database of anophelines in Africa.” [...] The database covers 1898 to 2016 and includes more than 13,400 observations of mosquitoes in specific locations. For each observation, the dataset lists the country, administrative region(s), and latitude/longitude, as well as the time period, the species identified, the sampling method, and the source of the information. [h/t Michael Chew]

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