Public dataset highlights: Groceries and PhDs

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This week's Data is Plural edition features two health-related datasets that caught my eye: one on grocery shopping from Instacart and one from the National Science Foundation on doctoral degree holders in the science, engineering, and health fields.
Three million grocery orders. Groceries-on-demand startup Instacart has released a dataset containing 3 million orders from 200,000 (anonymized) users. “For each user, we provide between 4 and 100 of their orders, with the sequence of products purchased in each order,” the company’s head of data science writes. “We also provide the week and hour of day the order was placed, and a relative measure of time between orders.” Here’s the data dictionary.

What do you do with a PhD in science?The National Science Foundation’sSurvey of Doctorate Recipients “is a longitudinal biennial survey conducted since 1973 that provides demographic and career history information about individuals with a research doctoral degree in a science, engineering, or health (SEH) field from a U.S. academic institution.” You can download aggregated data and detailed survey responses going back to 1993. The next release is scheduled for this month. Related: The NSF has published an interactive graphic of the data. [h/t Peter Aldhous]

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