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Thursday, November 12, 2015

For all you data scientists, analysts, coders and netizens who like to nerd out on data, I recently discovered a delightful weekly e-mail newsletter that spotlights various publicly available data sets on related to all kinds of health, government, and civil society issues and activities. The newsletter, Data is Plural, was launched last month by Buzzfeed's data editor Jeremy Singer-Vine and contains links to, and short descriptions of, data sets on everything from police department activity and traffic stops to behavioral data on American habits and Wikipedia editor activity. Each newsletter features four or five data sets and distributed once a week on Tuesdays.

One data set that caught my eye in this week's edition was on prescription drug labels:
The 139,756 side effects of 1,430 medical drugs. The Side Effect Resource, a.k.a. SIDER, takes all the fine print from drug labels, and aggregates the information about side effects into a searchable, downloadable database. SIDER got a major upgrade last month, and now contains 40% more drug-effect pairs than before. The website incorporates both generic and brand names, so that searches for “Prozac” and “fluoxetine” bring you to the same page.
There were also two interesting sets last week on firearms and maternity leave policies. If you're into data, consider subscribing.

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