Small victories (maybe): China finally ends its abuse-fraught one-child policy

Friday, October 30, 2015

I suppose we should celebrate victories when we can, which is what I did yesterday when the news that China had officially ended its one-child policy hit my various social media feeds. Whether or not it is really a victory remains to be seen, as it is pretty clear that the Communist Party has buckled to concerns over its aging population (and the inability of its social security programs to support it) and gender imbalance, rather than a sudden concern for the rights of its citizens. Nonetheless, it will do nothing to erase the infamous human rights abuses perpetuated under the policy for nearly four decades, not to mention all of the children who were born in "violation" of it who now do not have papers, which means no access to social services.

@MSF Video on the Challenges of Vaccination Campaigns

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This video by MSF (Doctors Without Borders) on the main barriers to carrying out vaccination campaigns went up last week for World Polio Day. In addition to videos highlighting their work in specific regions and conflicts, MSF occasionally produces narrated animations like these to provide information on a particular topic (usually a problem or policy that they are challenging or working to change). I generally like them because they are short and hard-hitting - just my style.

Other publications of note included an article in last week's MMWR on the status of polio eradication in Afghanistan and this special XKCD comic commissioned by Bill Gates on the topic, which appears to poke some light fun at Bill Gates:

Well played, XKCD. Well played.

Podcast Review: @MarkLGoldberg's Global Dispatches for @UNDispatch

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As I have prepared for my upcoming presentation at the APHA Annual Meeting in Chicago next week while managing a massive database project at work, I have allowed this blog to sleep a bit - somewhat longer than I realized, in fact. With the meeting right around the corner, it occurred to me that I ought to have some recent content here when people Google me, so I thought I would kick things back into gear with a podcast review - specifically, a review of Global Dispatches, the foreign policy and world affairs interview podcast series done by UN and foreign policy expert Mark Leon Goldberg for UN Dispatch.