Toothpaste ads: a #publichealth #fail for your Friday

Friday, August 7, 2015

This public health fail-tastic piece of advertising crossed my social media feeds earlier this week, but my day job has kept me busy for the last couple of days and I did not have a chance to share it until now. The ads, which were designed by a Korean advertising agency for the European market, show a tooth having a grand old time with a range of characters that are bad for both teeth and health with the slogan "enjoy life."

"Branding in Asia," which features all sorts of jaw-dropping ad campaigns from the East, notes:
The ad was produced by the highly-acclaimed Seoul-based creative agency Cheil Worldwide, which was founded in 1973 by Samsung patriarch Lee Byung-chul, and now has 48 offices and 8 affiliates in 41 countries.

Ijota Super Whitening Toothpaste is produced by Greenpeer. They are also based in Seoul and tapped Cheil for the print ad campaign aimed at the European Market -where it’s already raising eyebrows.

A Korean blogger made note that these ads will likely not appear in the Korean market due to their sexual nature, adding that the ad commission would likely insist that they be toned down.
This is a public health fail on so many levels, and going into them all just seems gratuitous, so...I am just going to leave them there and wish everybody a good weekend.

Go enjoy life.

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