Nifty Infographic of the Day: The Internet is Replacing Print Media

Thursday, June 4, 2015

This infographic, courtesy of Statista, basically visualizes what we already knew: around the world, internet usage is on the rise at the expense of traditional (particularly print) media:
According to data published by ZenithOptimedia this week, people around the world now spend more than eight hours a day consuming media, with the Internet taking up an increasingly large chunk of total media consumption.

In 2014, people spent 110 minutes a day online, up from just 60 minutes in 2010. Meanwhile traditional media usage, i.e. TV, newspapers, magazines, radio and cinema declined from 402 to 376 minutes a day.

While television consumption fell by just 6% between 2010 and 2014, the print industry is suffering most from the new digital competition. Newspaper and magazine consumption dropped by 26% and 19%, respectively, since 2010 and is expected to see further declines in the next few years.
Infographic: The Internet Is Gradually Replacing Traditional Media | Statista

Another related infographic from Statistica earlier this year shows that the media being consumed (at least among Millenials) appears to be primarily entertainment - mostly because news is free and comes through your Facebook feed anyway:
It’s not that they don’t value information, according to the report it’s very important for them to stay informed, it’s the way they consume news that has changed fundamentally. While previous generations had to rely on newspapers and magazines to stay on top of current events, Millennials have a plethora of news sources at their disposal, many of them free and available at the touch of a finger. 82 percent of Millennials get most of their news from online sources with social media playing an increasingly important role. Facebook in particular is a popular tool to stay informed throughout the day, although dedicated news media remain the primary source for “hard” news topics such as the economy, foreign affairs and national politics.
Infographic: Millennials More Inclined to Pay for Entertainment Than for News | Statista

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