Nifty Infographic in Development: Open Data Impact Map

Friday, May 29, 2015

This is not an infographic in the strict sense, but because I use the general category for all visual representations of data that I want to showcase here. In this case, the Open Data Impact Map - currently in development by the Center for Open Data Enterprise and scheduled to be showcased at the International Open Data Conference - will be an interactive map showing open data use cases from around the world:
The Open Data Impact Map will provide a searchable, sortable database of open data use cases from around the world. It will include all types of organizations using open data in an effort to capture the broad spectrum of open data uses. The Map will make it possible to explore the applications of open data through a number of filters, and has been structured to facilitate comparative analysis by region, country, and city.

Its goals are to:
  1. demonstrate the value of open government data in a range of applications;
  2. identify key trends and best practices in open data use; and
  3. provide a basis for research on the impact of open data globally.
Bringing research together
The Map will support cross-national analysis by using common classifications for data types, data sources, organizations that use the data, and areas of impact. This system builds on past efforts to develop systems for analyzing the uses of open data. The Map can inform the Measurement Action Session and other work at the IODC on the assessment of use cases. We hope it will help refine common approaches to capturing examples and help build a broader and more in-depth shared knowledge base about open data use cases and impact.
On a related note, NYU's GovLab has compiled a repository of open-data repositories for the very same conference. Totes meta.

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