A modern 1984-esque piece? China's military wants to bring the (ideological) fight to the internet

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last week Ars Technica featured a delightful piece of scaremongering propaganda from the People's Liberation Army Daily, the newspaper of the Chinese military, that calls for an ideological defense of Chinese values from Western encroachment through tighter restrictions on internet content and protection by - you guessed it - the Chinese military:
In the view of the PLA Daily, Western powers and Chinese "ideological traitors" have used the Internet to wage war on the Party: "Their fundamental objective is to confuse us with 'universal values', disturb us with 'constitutional democracy', and eventually overthrow our country through 'color revolution'," the article stated—an allusion to the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine and other popular uprisings against Communist authoritarian governments in the former Soviet Bloc. "Regime collapse that can occur overnight often starts from long-term ideological erosion."
To counter "domestic and foreign hostile forces" from spreading their ideas and rumors, "propaganda departments must strengthen their management and control...using various means to fight back the wrong words and thoughts, and guarantee the purity of the network environment," the article continued. "At the same time, we should dare to take the initiative, effectively use the communication capacity of the network, so that the mainstream values (of the Party)​ occupy every corner of the network, deep into the hearts of every Internet users, providing inexhaustible spiritual strength characteristics of China's socialist construction."
Just remember, guys: war is peace, and freedom is slavery.

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