Fat Kim's haircut is old news, but I am posting this anyway because it's funny

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

North Korea's kid dictator Kim Jong Un debuted a ridiculous absurd bizarre unusual new haircut (and also, apparently, shaved eyebrows) last week, which makes this Vox piece by Amanda Taub old news...but I thought I would share it anyway, simply because it is funny, but also because the video that Vox included at the bottom is rather insightful.
The style is a variation on Kim's signature shaved sides, but with the top now sculpted into a high, wedge-shaped pompadour that sits atop Kim's head like a hat, or perhaps a small, dormant woodland creature. The North Korean despot accessorized his new look with partially-shaven eyebrows that now stop just above his pupils.

This new haircut raises a number of important questions for anyone who follows North Korean politics. For instance:
  1. What instructions did Kim Jong Un give his barber that resulted in this style?
  2. Was it, "Hey, you know trapezoids?"
  3. Or perhaps, "You know my main priority is to ensure that my ears do not feel crowded, let's work on a 'do that really lets the old face-handles breathe"?
  4. Kim Jong Un famously adopted his shaved-sided, center-parted haircut as a way to signal connection with his grandfather and the country's founding leader, Kim Il Sung. Now the sides are still shaved, but the center part is GONE. What does it mean?
  5. Could it be that the the new style conveys an intent to embrace the legacy of his father Kim Jong Il, who also often sported a uniform crest of hair unbroken by any parting?
  6. Or is it intended to signify that North Korea, like Kim Jong Un's hair, is reaching new heights and cannot be stopped by gravity or any other natural force?
  7. Does his haircut sail majestically ever-upwards, unlike the North Korean Unha rocket that failed spectacularly after launch in 2012, breaking up over the Sea of Japan?
And so on.

The video, on the other hand, is a tidy two-minute summary of why North Korea's MO seems so bizarre to the West, and how it harnesses the West's fascination with its nuclear program to distract us from its human rights abuses.

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