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Monday, February 23, 2015

AIDSVu announced today that it has launched, a project that maps the HIV care continuum (also known as the HIV treatment cascade). The project currently looks at the elements of the cascade in five different cities - DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, and New Orleans - and is hoping to expand to other areas:
The HIV care continuum, also known as the HIV treatment cascade, demonstrates each stage of HIV care from initial diagnosis to achieving viral suppression. Understanding patterns in how different populations are impacted by HIV – such as health disparities related to race, age and geographic location – are critical to improving the health of people living with HIV, and to reducing its spread. features include:
  • Maps depicting five HIV care continuum elements: New HIV diagnoses, late HIV diagnoses, linkage to HIV care, engagement in HIV care, and suppressed HIV viral load.
  • Ability to filter each indicator by sex, race/ethnicity, and age for a deeper understanding of the state of the epidemic
  • HIV testing and treatment locations can be shown overlaying the HIV care continuum maps
  • Downloadable slide decks, including slides of the individual maps available on HIVContinuum, to help those who work in HIV prevention and treatment educate others. allows local communities, health departments and policy makers to visualize areas of success and opportunities for improvement in HIV testing, care and treatment.
We encourage you to share this interesting new tool with your networks and let us know if your city would be interested in participating in the HIVContinuum project. HIVContinuum as always accessible from the AIDSVu site by clicking the logo in the footer of the site.

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