Nifty infographic of the day: the ripple effects of Ebola

Monday, November 17, 2014

For better or worse, Ebola is becoming old news. Aside from the initial case in Dallas that was transmitted to two nurses, there have been no more cases here in the U.S., and panicked predictions of a massive outbreak causing mayhem and catastrophe never materialized (much like public health experts said they would not - funny how that works).

The outbreak in West Africa is ongoing and continues to be a tragedy on a massive scale that is losing public interest. Numerous articles by countless experts and pundits have discussed lost opportunities and the weaknesses in the healthcare systems that the outbreak has laid bare. Now, the MPH@GW blog has kindly provided aninfographic on the outbreak and its collateral damage. They asked me to share it on the IH Blog and told me that I could post it here, too (being the opportunist that I am).

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