According to North Korea, North Korea is the second(!)-happiest country on Earth

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This gem actually popped up on my Facebook news feed via my husband, who is currently in a global policy studies Master's program. Though this is (slightly) old news, I still felt like it was worth sharing: apparently, DPRK's Chosun Central Television ranked the Hermit Kingdom second in a "happiness" index, second only to China, its big brother:
[A] new global happiness index released by North Korea's Chosun Central Television awarded China 100 out of 100 possible points. If the "Gross National Happiness" survey is to be believed, isolated dictatorships are the key to overall well-being, with North Korea reportedly coming in second with 98 points, followed by Cuba, Iran and Venezuela. ...the lowest marks are said to have gone to South Korea, which scored just 18 points to come in at 152, while the United States...fared even worse at 203 with a measly three points...
Here is the actual chart, which should probably be submitted to /r/dataisugly (but I digress).

This from the country that insists that the "human rights" of its citizens consist of freedom from Western imperialism. Delightful.

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