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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My entry into global health blogging, which was due to joining APHA's International Health section and eventually led me to becoming the chair of its Communications Committee, has also taken me to some very interesting social media and other internet community platforms. Along with my generation's love-hate relationship with Facebook, the questionable attempt to gain utility from LinkedIn, and the standard activist's presence on Twitter, I have recently forayed into Reddit's health-related communities (including /r/globalhealth, /r/doctorswithoutborders, /r/publichealth, /r/epidemiology, /r/humanrights, /r/worlddevelopment, and /r/internationaldev), some of which are more active than others. Most of what is useful comes in the form of news articles posted, although there are opportunities for mentorship, giving and receiving education and career advice, and even a weekly journal article discussion.

However, you occasionally find public health gems on other, less serious boards, including the occasionally inane /r/adviceanimals. For example, yesterday I stumbled onto some rather apt commentary on the ethically dubious rush to develop Ebola treatments:

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