Surprise! North Korea Still Short on Food

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday! I took last week off because I was traveling (I recently finished up a contract in Korea, so now I am taking some time to travel in Japan), so I thought I would welcome myself back with this (not at all surprising) news item from my former northern neighbor, complete with a delightfully snarky title. "Here's a shocker: North Korea is going to be short on grain in 2014" from the GlobalPost:
North Korea is likely to face a shortage of 340,000 tons of grain this year, a report showed Sunday, which would mean another year to its chronic food scarcity.

The report contributed to the Korea Development Institute said Pyongyang is estimated to need some 5.37 million tons of grain this year.


It said while North Korea is making efforts to cultivate food from all arable lands, the country is suffering losses in productivity due to soil erosion and floods.

North Korea suffers from chronic food shortages with the average amount of rice and corn consumed by the people said to be only half of the daily consumption recommended by the United Nations.
While no one will be surprised at this news, there will undoubtedly be plenty of hand-wringing and consternation when the North begins this year's round of warmongering to pressure the international community into giving aid. Despite the obvious pattern - and the fact that Kim Jong-eun, who continues to court Dennis Rodman and recently defied international sanctions to build a luxury ski resort, obviously has no desire to go out in a blaze of glory - the annual threats never fail to scare the wits out of international media every spring. Meanwhile, average North Koreans are offering up meth, kind of like tea, to improve concentration and suppress appetites.

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