Right Group Implicates Myanmar Government in Crimes Against Humanity in Damning Report

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The human rights-focused NGO Fortify Rights, which is based in Southeast Asia, has released a damning report on the Myanmar government's treatment of Rohingya Muslims, an ethnic minority group that is not considered one of the country's "recognized minorities" (the government considers them illegal migrants from Bangladesh). The government's longstanding oppression of this particular group is systematic and suffocating and has been going on for years (in fact, it was one of the issues that first got my attention and inspired my special interest in human rights in Myanmar), but this report is one of the most comprehensive on the subject and severe in its condemnation:

A report entitled “Policies of Persecution: Ending Abusive State Policies Against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar”, released by Fortify on Tuesday, implicates authorities in crimes against humanity by virtue of explicit targeting of Rohingya Muslims in policies restricting marriage, childbirth rights and movement.

“The policies explained in this report appear to be designed to make life so intolerable for Rohingya that they will leave the country, and indeed many have,” reads the executive summary.

The 79-page report is based on 12 leaked documents, eight of which were made public for the first time in the publication. Four remain undisclosed for security reasons, said Fortify.

Three regional orders disclosed in the report detail restrictions on the rights of Muslims to marry, reproduce and reside, establishing strongly prohibitive registration and approval processes. Addenda to the orders detail and intensify restrictions, explicating punishments for offences. Some carry prison sentences of up to ten years.
You can read the full report here.

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